Where to find inspiration? 

Where to find inspiration? And how to get inspired again

The question I get most of the time is "Where do you find inspiration?". Well it's hard to answer this one, mostly because inspiration can come literally from ANYWHERE and people find different things inspiring, but I'll try. I am going to talk mostly about what kind of things get me inspired and how I help myself to start drawing or feeling inspirational.

1. Instagram / Pinterest

When I feel totally uninspired I always scroll through pinterest or instagram. These two sites are golden treasures for inspiration. You can follow my Pinterest profile and see what inspires me daily.

Also Instagram have a new feature which is super cool! You can now follow hashtags - and don't worry your feed won't be spammed with all the photos that are being posted under this hashtag. Only with the best and most popular photos  - you'll also find some new great accounts to follow.

Some hashtags to follow:


2. Draw things that you're interested in

This one is golden - don't draw things only because they are popular at the time. You'll feel completely unhappy during the painting and with the result. Only draw things you're interested in, things that make you happy. But challenge yourself also - once a week draw something you always wanted, but were never good at it. For example, I am bad at drawing hands so I'll practice drawing hands the next week.

3. Create a moodboard

 Collect photos that you find pretty and create a moodboard. If you don't know what moodboard is - a collage consisting various photos (typography, illustration, portrait photos, etc.) That's how you can visually illustrate the style you would like to pursue. You'll find sketching and painting easier with rough imagination what you'll like to paint in your mind. Also you can find amazing templates on Pinterest or Google, to help you create a first moodboard. I always include the color palette I like, the mood I would like to achieve, some hand lettering (if I am working on some bigger projects), some photos for composition and some portrait photos (if  I am working on a portrait) or floral illustration ( if I am working on a pattern). 


4. Listen to the music

Music is always playing in the background when I am drawing and sometimes I even get some clues what to draw or what to add in the drawing from the music. You can also use some lyrics from the music to draw something, and imagine how the person from the lyrics (song) would look like (color of the hair, fashion choice etc.)

5. Watch movies

Movies can be a great foundation for inspiration, to mention, one of my latest pieces was inspired by Pulp Fiction. Try to interpret the movie as you feel it, maybe don't screenshot the movie screen and paint the scene exactly. Paint what you feel and how you experienced the characters or the movie.

6. Read books

The latest book I was so inspired by is the "Botany for the artist", and while there's not that much text,you can look at all those pretty illustrations and photos of the flowers. Go to the library and borrow books you always wanted to read, or books others suggested you. Books are such a great inspiration, because you need to visualise what you're reading!

7. Always carry a notebook with yourself

There are so many things that you're thinking during the day - why not write or draw them down? Doodle and write things in the notebook for a month, then sit down, open the notebook and you'll se how many great ideas for the net painting will come to your mind.

8. Buy new art supplies

This helps a lot - go to the art store and treat yourself with some new brushes, paper, watercolours,.. Try something new!  You WILL want to try all these supplies as soon as you come home.

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